Oxycontin Addictive Opiate

OxyContin has become such an epidemic that we have found ourselves using every opportunity to educate people about how addictive and deadly it is.

OxyContin is “legal heroin” which is possibly the most addictive substance on the planet.

Users can become addicted extremely quickly and when the drug becomes too expensive or difficult to obtain, the withdrawal symptoms which are absolutely unbearable lead people to use heroin (cheap and easy to get).

There has been a rampant occurrence of heroin addiction and overdose in recent years which is directly attributable to experimentation with prescription drugs like OxyContin.

We can’t say enough about how deadly OxyContin addiction can be.  We spend a lot of time educating the women in our treatment center about the dangers of OxyContin  (and all other drugs).  We drug test for all drugs regularly during treatment.

The “Silent Epidemic” of Medication Addiction

This is the latest wave in drug abuse with recent studies showing that high school students actually prefer prescription drugs to traditional “non pill drugs.” there are no shortage of websites chronicling the deadly epidemic, and one of our favorites is http://www.StopOxy.com.