Break Through Experiences

Montecatini’s Lotus Philosophy

Break-through-experiences-lotusMud is a strange kind of darkness. The color is sometimes more felt than seen, and the consistency seems like something you could get lost in or swallowed up by. Yet from this murky darkness blooms one of earth’s most beautiful flowers—the lotus—which eventually breaks through the mud’s surface to blossom in the light.

At Montecatini, we see the beauty and strength in our patients no matter how lost they feel or how much their eating disorder has darkened their world. Several of our staff members have personally recovered from addiction, and all of us are passionate about providing a deeply compassionate and personalized treatment experience. We believe in a holistic approach addressing the mind, body, and spirit, as well as innovative and evidence-based therapies designed to create long-term recovery.

Despite how hopeless things seem, your true self lives beneath the dark, surface layer of the eating disorder. In every moment of your journey towards healing, we are there to remind you that she is worth fighting for, and without a doubt, made to break through and blossom.

Break Through Experiences

12345495_1046714548725178_2886387548844695201_nThis was my 13th treatment center. This was my last. My eating disorder had robbed me of everything and everyone I loved. I felt like a shell of a person. Beyond help. Throughout my stay at Montecatini, my helplessness gradually turned into hopefulness. I cannot encapsulate what to say to a group of people who saved the gift of life. No matter what the situation, the staff showed me belief, love, authenticity, selfless giving, and encouragement. I was treated as a person; not just a patient, and today, Im living the miracle of life. I get to feel; feel and experience it all. Im free to be fully human and fully myself!

Lauren G.

12348087_1045283062201660_2173504196434689795_nI remember sitting in a spirituality group and discussing the idea that as humans we are not perfect beings. We all have flaws. Part of my eating disorder was striving to appear perfect on the outside because inside I felt so incredibly flawed. I remember really making the connection that I did not need to be perfect, that there is beauty in our flaws. When we try new things and we take those first steps forward, we often do it afraid and imperfect. This is how we learn, grow and connect spiritually with something outside of ourselves. I began to treat myself with more kindness, allowing mistakes and recognizing that true recovery is not perfect. True recovery is stumbling along the way and learning to keep moving forward and ask for help at times.

– Jennifer P.

From my first stay in 2010 to my last stay in 2014, I did a complete 180. I finally was honest with myself and others and let the secret inside of me fly free. I realized that the core of my illness was shame due to the physical aftermath of my autoimmune disease. I finally recognized that if I wasnt honest about my shame and my disease, I would never recover from my eating disorder. I never thought that I could ever be open and honest with the Montecatini treatment team or anybody for that matter, but actually, they made it easy. I would definitely refer a client to them because I know the high-quality care you receive and the amazing and breathtaking results that occur from treatment. I am forever grateful.


1493154_1104599482936684_5614051118946394089_n“I never share on social media about my battle with an eating disorder. Last night for some reason I felt like it was time to say something. This is my tattoo (with the NEDA symbol) that wraps my rib cage, covering scars. It reminds me daily of the gratitude and love I have for Montecatini. If it wasn’t for each and everyone of you I wouldn’t be working and fighting everyday to “pet the tigger” and share my experience, strength and hope. You all have a piece of my heart”

❤️ -Holly

I never thought I’d be the one that would be in recovery. I never thought that I would ever find happiness. I never thought that I would find my strength. But I have! -Liv

Your self-esteem won’t come from body parts. Step away from the mirror and look for another reflection, like the one in the eyes of the people who love and admire you. – Vanessa