Three important principles of feminist therapy for anorexia recovery.

Feminist therapy offers the idea that much of what we call mental illness may actually be demonstrations of  social dis-ease and symbolic responses to sex and gender roles. Many disorders in women (including eating disorders) can be seen as a predictable responses to the long term preferential treatment of men. Additionally, eating disorders like anorexia may find their genesis and function as a prevention/survival response to traumas historically occurring for... Read More

Turning Great Loss and Struggle into a Powerful Message!

There are beautiful examples in the world all around us of people who have turned experiences of great loss and extreme struggle into a meaningful and powerful message. Psychiatrist and holocaust survivor Victor Frankl believed that the primary motivation of a person is to discover meaning in life. Meaning can be discovered both in suffering and in blessing. In our meaning making group at Montecatini we explore different avenues that... Read More