A Daughter’s Death to Bulimia

One mother’s tragic loss of her daughter to bulimia inspires a documentary; that is now used to educate on eating disorders all around the country.

Eating disorders are the most deadly of all mental illnesses. Fear can be seen in the faces of the parents and families confronted with what torments their loved one. However, many people leave eating disorder treatment facilities and go on to live fulfilling and healthy lives in recovery. Tragically, some do not. Melisa Avrin was one woman who struggled and died from bulimia on May 6, 2009 , she was 19 years old.

Throughout her life, even in the darkest moments, Melissa’s creativity shined through. It was always hard for her to express her feelings verbally so she used film making, writing, drawing and acting as means of self-expression. A gifted writer from a young age, her journals were filled with powerful messages of hope along with words of sadness and pain.

Inspired by her journal writings and her poems, Someday Melissa was born. Melissa’s mother, Judy Avrin embarked on a journey to tell Melissa’s story and to help break through the wall of secrecy and shame surrounding eating disorders, and bulimia in particular. Someday Melissa is a documentary inspired by Melissa Avrin’s journal writings and designed to raise awareness of eating disorders and the importance of early treatment.

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