Our Team

Emily Foote, ACSM-CEP

Certified Exercise Physiologist

Emily received her Bachelor’s in Kinesiology and a minor in Psychology from CSU Monterey Bay moving on to earn her Master’s in Exercise Science at Point Loma Nazarene. She mainly focused on incorporating healthy movement and exercise for older and special populations, interning in several cardiac rehabilitation facilities in California designed to use exercise as medicine in order to improve functionality, health, and quality of life. She takes the same approach with the patients at Monte, using motivational interviewing and her passion for joyful movement to encourage patients to find what exercise modality inspires confidence, health, and happiness as opposed to using exercise as a means to an end. She advocates for health at every size and that physical fitness cannot be judged by body type or appearance. Patients will have the opportunity to learn about the side effects of eating disorders on fitness and health as well as trial exercise exposures, working through triggers and movement related aversions one-on-one in the facility Wellness Center.

In her free time, Emily enjoys rock climbing, yoga, reading mystery books, and movie marathons with her roommate.

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