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Adrianne DeRosa, CSCS

Exercise Physiologist

Ten years ago, Adrianne found herself helping her college friends who were struggling with eating disorders. She was frustrated that treatment centers weren’t acknowledging and incorporating exercise and exercise resistance into their programs. Montecatini built a Wellness Center to provide an atmosphere where clients could honor their bodies, discover joyful movement, challenge over-exercising and exercise avoidance. Adrianne DeRosa, Exercise Physiologist, works as part of Montecatini‚Äôs multi-disciplinary team. Montecatini understands that eating disorders create a disconnection in the mind and body. We believe that clients will heal this disconnection through the work they do in Montecacatini’s Wellness Center and Joyful Movement Program.


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Montecatini helped me recover from my eating disorder. Their incredible staff taught me how to love myself.

– Former Client
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