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Nancy Staycer, LCSW, CEDS

Clinical Director

Nancy Staycer is the Clinical Director of Montecatini Eating Disorder Treatment Center in Carlsbad, Ca where she just recently celebrated her 10 year anniversary.  Nancy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2007 and regularly incorporates evidenced based treatment including CBT, DBT, ACT, and the 12 Steps into her therapeutic style and the clinical atmosphere at Montecatini.

Working from a Solution focused perspective, Nancy is directly responsible for all clinical decision aspects of the program at the RTC, PHP and IOP levels of care. Her role is wide in breadth and includes ensuring the utmost quality of clinical care is provided by all staff at all levels of care, developing and revising the programming schedules, and participation in all treatment team discussions and decisions.

Nancy has presented her knowledge of Eating Disorders at the state and local levels as well as been invited as a guest speaker providing education and treatment recommendations at a variety of treatment centers and universities.  She is a published writer, and speaks frequently for online non-profit Eating Disorder webinars.

In the last few years Nancy has focused more of her clinical attention on the critical importance of interpersonal relationships and the Transformative Power of Connection as a key to recovery.  Nancy believes in a hands-on approach and makes every effort to stay engaged with direct patient contact on a regular basis.  Nancy is often heard throughout Montecatini reciting her favorite quote, “Social connectedness is a biological imperative”.  Through her own experience with the 12-step model of recovery, Nancy encourages the patients of Montecatini to continually work toward recognizing their strengths allowing them to discover their most effective and authentic sense of self thus facilitating an opportunity for connection through giving and receiving hope and help.

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