Our Team

Erika Broadbent, BA

Business Development Specialist

Erika comes to us with a background in Fashion Marketing & Design and has always had a passion for helping others. She found Montecatini almost 10 years ago when starting her own Recovery Journey and has since helped run support groups and fellow Recovery Warriors all over Southern California. In October 2021, Erika started working directly with the residential patients as a Patient Care Technician before moving into her new role as Business Development Specialist, Focusing on Alumni Relations. She is excited to continue to support patients well after they complete the program and continue to help them grow in their Recovery Journey’s. Monte has always had a special place in her heart along with every single patient she has ever worked with. What Erika loves about her to work with Monte, is the ability to continue to give back to the ED community and make real change in the fight against Eating Disorders and Mental Health as a whole, and help to stop the negative impact they have on the lives of many.

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