Our Team

Carter Hollenbach

Director of Business Development

Carter has been with Montecatini since 2015 and started in direct patient care as a Patient Care Technician, a role that will always have a special spot in her heart. In 2018 she moved into the Admissions Department and shifted her focus to helping clients get the care that was best for them and their unique circumstances. Shortly after joining the admissions department, Carter became the Director of Admissions and led a team of dedicated intake coordinators through covid-19 and beyond. With her recent move into the role of Director of Business Development, Carter is really enjoying meeting other like-minded individuals out in the community and creating a network of support for our clients. She has always been passionate about mental health and her surrounding community and working at Montecatini has really fostered that passion and is why she continues to show up and help the Monte Team provide a safe space for those needing support in hopes that they create a life full of possibilities.

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